COVID -19 precautions at PBA

Dear parents and students,

Premier ballet academy follows all the World Health Organization guidelines and safety regulations for COVID-19  virus.

Safety and good health of our students and stuff is our top priority.

Therefore, kindly find attached list of necessary precautions that will be applied as long as pandemic is not officially over in Egypt, and all restrictions are lifted.

Studio Safety Policies – COVID – 19

  • PBA premises will be sanitized and disinfected by approved ministry of health friendly hydrogen peroxide that eliminates coronavirus (odorless and stainless).
  • For time being classes will be held in Studio 1 (max 14 students) and Studio 2 (max 12 students) and Studio 3 (max 7 students). There are marks on the floor and bars in order to keep 2m distance.
  • Inside Pre Ballet classes assistant of teacher will make sure that appropriate placing and distance is controlled.
  • Masks must be worn by adults. Regarding children inside the studio we leave masking policy up to discretion of the parents. It is encouraged, but some children may have health and emotional issues with masking. Outside of the studio, in the hallways, bathrooms and changing rooms, masks are mandatory for every student older then 8.
  • Body temperature will be measured at the front door.
  • After each class surface will be disinfected.
  • If possible, we would like students to be dropped off at the front door.
  • For Pre Ballet Students one parent may enter and stay in the marked off areas of our reception.
  • Hand sanitizer will be dispensed upon entering and exiting premises.
  • The lockers may not be used.
  • Starting from Level 1 students are allowed to bring their water bottle inside the studio.
  • For Pre Ballet, we encourage parents to have something for your child to drink before entering and then ready directly after the class under your supervision.
  • For the students who’s parents are dropping them off, a staff member will not allow them to exit until we see a parent present at the door.
  • Bringing toys to the classes is prohibited.
  • No hugs, kisses and hi-fives.
  • Running is not allowed in the hallways or waiting areas.
  • Warm ups and entering the classroom without teachers call in is not allowed.
  • If student is more than 15 min late, it is up to the discretion of the teacher to decide if the student can join class or observe only. In case that child need to leave class early, please let the teacher know before class starts.
  • If your child feel unwell, we highly recommend to stay at home for its own safety and safety of the others. We will do our best to provide makeup class if possible.
  • Street shoes are not allowed in the studios. Also, children should not wear their dance shoes outside of the building. They should also cover up their tights and leotard before coming and leaving the building.
  • No jewelry, with exception of small earrings, is allowed.
  • All our stuff and teachers will be wearing face masks.
  • Alert us if your child or any member of the closest family have COVID -19.