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Premier Ballet Academy

Established in 2016, by first dancers of the Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Ahmed Yehia & Anja Ahcin, Premier Ballet Academy is the first to follow the International Ballet School system, offering a full professional education and program that is essential for developing children into ballet dancers.  The school program is divided in 2 sections:

  • PRE BALLET – which contains four levels from the age of three to six
  • BALLET SCHOOL – which is divided into 8 levels (grades), from the age of seven onwards

Beginning at Level (grade) I, students will take two exams per year.  The midyear and final exam from each subject will form the final mark at the end of year. Levels are changing yearly.

Our Vision at Premier Ballet Academy is to provide quality dancers, by offering high quality standards and training in order to contribute to the development of Egyptian Ballet and to expand the international exposure of Egyptian students.

No one is born a dancer. You have to want it more then anything.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

At the end of each month, Premier Ballet Academy will be holding auditions for potential talent.  Details can be found in the news and event field.

Pre Ballet (age 3-6) is focused on developing coordination ability, sense of the movement, rhythm and music, social skills and group work, persistency, creativity, learning work discipline, and finally to prepare the child with the knowledge to join Level I/Ballet School.

Ballet School (7 years and above)

Level I is the first grade of the Ballet School, following the Russian Ballet Curriculum. Students are faced with very hard and demanding work, which requires a high level of maturity and discipline.  Students will learn, for the first time, classical ballet techniques, and professional ballet structure of classes – bar work, middle work and jumps, according to the most famous Russian Ballet program.  This is the basis of further learning.

Level II is the second grade, a step higher, and an extension of Level I, where students will upgrade their knowledge and learn more demanding techniques, which builds strength and prepares them for POINTE work in Level III.

From Level III and above, students, in addition to Classical Ballet technique, will begin to expand their knowledge in the field of dance.  By exploring other subjects, the student will be better equipped to improve and enhance his/her overall dance performance.

  • Repertoire class – students will learn original choreographies from famous classical ballets, ensembles and solo dances.
  • Partnership class – students will learn partnering techniques and skills.
  • Character Dance – students will learn about different dance styles from different countries and areas of the world: Russian dance style, Hungarian, Spanish, Gypsy, Mazurka etc. They will also explore Ball dances such as Polonaise, Minuet, Waltz etc.
  • Contemporary Dance – students will learn different dance techniques, which will improve their coordination skills, freedom of movement, creativity, and improve their body flexibility.
  • Fitness class – improving flexibility, strength and stamina, which are essential for the ballet dancer.
  • Once a month, the academy will provide educational classes where students will learn about the history of ballet, famous dancers, composers, ballets, by watching documentaries/listening to lectures.
  • Consultations with a nutritionist will be available for children and parents as healthy life style is fundamental for healthy development.