Procedure of Admission


To become a student of Premier Ballet Academy, passing the auditions is necessary. Audition is hold once a month, where we have separate audition for Pre Ballet division and Ballet School.

For Pre Ballet is important that children are independent. Beside that their physical abilities, sense for music will be tested.

For Ballet School, we are looking for physical abilities, coordination skills, sense for the rhythm and music, memory. For the children who did ballet before, their technique level and quality will be evaluated as well.

To apply for audition call our school number 01000305053 or apply online in SIGN UP menu. Once information about Your child arrive to us, You’ll be notified about audition timing.

Results of audition will be out immediately after the test. If Your child satisfied criteria, will be placed in suitable group and level according to the age and skills.

After that You are free to register for upcoming month.