Students and parents speak about us

After just 4 years of learning ballet with Miss Anja and Mr.Ahmed I have grown to be a better dancer and person. I am proud to call them my teachers and i really couldn’t have asked for better. There’s always ups and downs throughout the way to be the best you can and they made me overcome mine. Some of those obstacles were being self conscious and suffering from anorexia. Through the years we’ve grown more than just the bond of teacher/student. We have the type of bond where i can tell them anything and everything and where they mean alot to me. And they were always encouraging me to do better cause they believed in me. And they were always there for me not only as teachers but sometimes also as friends.
I couldn’t be more grateful that I got to know them.

Jana Mohamed, student

Needless to say that the 3 years my daughter spent at the school were the best ever had, all this thanks to her Tutor who was fantastic, knowledgeable. Put her effort into every child to get out their talents. At the ballet school, I began to see the big change in my daughter ‘s performance, self-confidence, her hard work, never get bored making her jump out of bed every day of training and look forward to go to it. I really recommend this ballet school to any young child out there, you will learn the real technique of ballet, they will make good friends, they will make good experiences with their same young children in all over the world, they will have fun, they will work and play hard.

Nahla Mostafa, mother 

My daughter has been attending ballet classes with Ms. Anja Achin Yehia for more than 3 years . She is now 9 years old and still loves every single minutes of her classes . She attends classical and contemporary classes ,Ms. Anja is an amazing and outstanding teacher , who is professional , caring and extremely committed to ensure the students reach their full potential . Ms. Anja goes above and beyond to help and support the students. Premier ballet academy is not only a ballet school but it is life style , community and learner school , where every single second your child will learn and gain something on professional and personnel level . I would highly recommend premier ballet academy to any parents who’s child loves ballet snd parents who want professional school and  seeking the best for their child .

Doaa Mohamed, mother